Original equipment manufacturer

If you have an existing product that needs to be modernised, or an outdated product that needs to be replaced, Empire Solutions guarantees an appropriate solution. Your device will be shaped by our wealth of knowledge and experience, together with the latest technological developments available on the market.

Collaboration with Empire Solutions

The entire process is divided into clear steps, and we offer guidance throughout:

  • We define the scope of the project and determine the objectives.
  • An R&D team is established, and remains involved at all times.
  • If software is also required, we agree on the performance to be delivered.
  • Once the complete inventory has been determined, we create a first draft of your product and provide a price quote. We also take the first step towards creating the Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Agreements are made concerning production. The production process is also customised.
  • Once you have given your approval, we deliver a “golden sample” in order to optimally test the product and the production process.
  • Production begins only when you are 100% satisfied.
  • Agreements are then made about overall logistics.
  • The approved product is then produced and delivered in the agreed quantities.
  • We are happy to install the products on site.
  • We remain involved in product performance via aftersales and support. Want to know more?
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