Step by step

The product that you design and create with us is the outcome of our genuine interest in your ambitions and wishes, and our first-class knowledge and experience in the field of product design, product development and production. We manage the entire process. Our attention to detail and expertise are unrivalled – and we genuinely love what we do. We are proud of our relationships within the industry, and we nurture and develop these contacts in the interests of our ultimate goal: to design, assemble and build the best possible product for you. We work step by step, and we work together.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"

– Seneca –

Customized product development

1. Scope and objectives

Your wishes are always our top priority. You may have a business plan and a new product/concept, an existing product that needs further development, or an outdated product that needs replacement. First, we get to know each other, in order to find out what Empire Solutions can do for you.

The scope and objectives of the project are decided on together. The following subjects are discussed:

– Specific product requirements

– Production scope

– Mandatory certification

– Logistical requirements for product delivery

– Desired guarantee and stock

– Pricing

– Planning

2. Research and development

Empire Solutions puts together an R&D team that has the necessary expertise for the development of your product. The team remains involved throughout the process. Our R&D personnel can start the development from scratch, or work on the basis of a component analysis of an existing product. This might even be a completed or semi-completed product made by another supplier who promised more than they could deliver. We are happy to help.

Our R&D personnel are experts in:

– Hardware

– Firmware/software

– Production

3. Software requirements

When we determine the scope of a project, we also look at the software. During the R&D process, we first of all present justified advice regarding possible and necessary functions, whether embedded or in the cloud. We organise all the required apps or portals. We always give preference to optimal technical architecture for hardware, software, functionality and data storage.

4. Product design

This is when we start drawing. Your wishes are visualised in the form of a sketch, including the product’s commercial appearance and technical possibilities, such as the cooling of elements, chipset and battery life. Of course, we also ensure the environmental compliance of the devices we supply.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

5. Technical specifications

Once we have the results of the R&D, software requirements, product design and sketch, we can start thinking about what is feasible on a technical and cost level. The correct composition of your product is essential if your business plan is to succeed. These final specifications serve as the basis for the final product that we deliver.

6. Selective production facility

The decision on the best production method is also customised, regardless of whether you need 100,000 units per month or 100 per year. Our aim is always optimal quality and delivery conditions at the agreed price.

During step 6, we agree on:

– Quality control

– Number of products

– Delivery location

– Delivery speed

– Stock

– Price

– Planning

7. Golden sample approval

We keep in mind every wish, possibility and detail related to the end product, and these are outlined in a clear agreement. As your partner, we offer only what you can rely on. We produce a batch of what we refer to as “golden samples”. Mass production starts only when you are 100% satisfied with the test samples of your device, which are produced according to the agreed production requirements. 

Does the golden sample do everything we agreed? Does it look like you expected? If yes, the production process gets a GO, which you sign off on separately. If not, we consider it a NO GO and get back to work on the product. Fortunately, a NO GO is a rare occurrence.

8. Packaging

A beautiful product needs to be presented in the best packaging. This might be your own packaging, which is recognisable to customers, packaging that we provide, or something neutral. The choice is yours. We organise this as soon as the golden sample is approved. We also make agreements on where you would like the products delivered – to our own warehouse, directly to the distributors, or to another location.

9. Start of production

We give the go-ahead to start the full production process and keep you updated about developments at all times.

10. Logistics

We arrange the complete logistics on your behalf. This is also customised, as agreed in advance. Do you want to receive everything in one go, in batches, or pre-sorted on pallets? Or perhaps you would rather rely entirely on drop shipping? By road, water, or air? Anything is possible. We are happy to arrange it on your behalf.

11. Product delivery/installation

The moment has finally come! After all the preparations and testing, you have the final product in your hands. If you would like us to install part or all of it on site, we are, of course, happy to do so.

12. Aftersales and support

Once your product has been delivered, we enter a new phase. We provide support in the form of software updates and answers to technical questions during the agreed period. We are also at your disposal should any problems arise, and in the event of warranty claims. If you wish to change your product, or add accessories after a certain time, we are ready to work together again.

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