Once your product has been delivered, we enter a new phase. We provide support in the form of software updates and answers to technical questions during the agreed period. We are also at your disposal should any problems arise, and in the event of warranty claims. If you wish to change your product, or add accessories after a certain time, we are ready to work together again.

For support, call us or fill in the form.

1. Submit

Submit your request through the form on this page.

2. Response

We will send you a response within 48 hours with a RMA code.

3. Return

Return the product to us and state the RMA code on the packing slip.

4. Evaluation

We will evaluate your product, your message and the applicable warranty conditions.

5. Cost estimation

We will estimate the cost of reparation and discuss it with you.

6. Reparation

Your product will be repaired upon agreement and send back to you.


Would you like to send one or more devices for repair or replacement? Fill in this form in as much detail as possible. We will start work on it immediately.