Gas and oil

Gas and oil extraction are subject to strict legislation and regulations, including in relation to environmental protection and the safety of employees and the surrounding area. New technology is accompanied by a growing need for specialised hardware solutions. Hardware that can be used to optimise processes, make them safer, and speed up implementation. Not every tablet or smartphone can be used in the oil and gas industry. This unpredictable, explosive and flammable environment requires ATEX-certified devices.

Empire Solutions supplies hardware with full ATEX certification for the gas and oil industry that can be used anywhere, from drilling rigs to factories, construction sites and energy parks. This includes sensors for pipes and rugged tablets, notebooks, handhelds and smartphones. All our devices:

  • meet the latest standards and norms for outdoor use;
  • conform to military standard MIL-STD-810G;
  • are IP qualified against water and dust;
  • have 4G Internet everywhere;
  • and are thus ATEX certified.

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