Schools regularly struggle with the problem that, while they have all kinds of devices for automation and digital education, they are not mutually compatible. A school might have fantastic iPads that cannot be connected to a wonderful smartboard because it runs on Windows, to name just one practical example. What a waste of public funds!

Empire Solutions tackles this issue from a different perspective, by taking an integrated look at the wishes and needs of the school. We explore and identify what is needed to ensure that digital education works well in your specific school. We deliver hardware that is compatible with the school’s existing IT landscape.

Empire Solutions primarily supplies hardware that suits education for automotive technology, surgery and aviation, in which 3D technology plays an increasingly important role.

We supply digital applications for modern teaching systems, such as touchscreens, tablets and smartboards that all operate according to the latest safety requirements (data security).

"It was not easy to find a screen of this size, but Empire Solutions was able to develop a display"
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"Empire Solutions, together with the Rolf Group, have developed headphones that are perfectly adapted to children's education"
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