We are proud of all our projects and products. The examples presented below include a variety of customers, processes and products. Our aim is to show you just how versatile we are, and the kind of products we can create in close cooperation with our customers. We listen, ask questions, and then listen some more. 

Step by step we put together a plan for producing the best possible product. A product that contributes to people’s happiness, and the successful business operations of our customers.

"The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing"

 - John Russel -

Personal contact

People do business with people. This is why we take the time to listen to our customers’ questions, to feel whether it will work, whether we click. If all is well, we are happy to work with you. After all, we will be working together for months, sometimes even longer than a year. It has to be a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

First-class research and development

It's a big challenge for us, but also an enjoyable one, to keep a close eye on technological developments. It keeps us sharp and ensures that we always come up with the best possible product.

Listen closely and be flexible

Listening closely to our customers is the key to producing the best product. Cooperation starts with listening to one another and asking questions. Your first question may not always be the best question. But we discover the right questions together, and the right solutions. By staying flexible, we can stay at your side.

TomTom Holder

Until recently, TomTom supplied a unique holder for its navigation devices. This active holder was designed to enable customers to integrate a navigation system on the A-pillar of their car. TomTom has now stopped producing these holders. However, demand for the holders remains very high among our customers. Empire Solutions was therefore requested to develop a new charger and holder.

The successful design by Empire Solutions is completely independent from the type of holder produced by TomTom, and is also suitable for use in virtually any make of vehicle. In addition, the Empire Solutions charging system is capable of charging both small navigation devices as well as larger models. The ideal solution for a product no longer available elsewhere. 

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"After Blast had completed a major project in the Netherlands for a well-known petrol station chain, a Belgian chain showed interest in the same solution. Unfortunately, the 24" screens used were no longer available, so we had to look for an alternative supplier. However, it was not easy to find a screen of this size, with a light output of 1,500 nit that is also suitable for 24/7 semi-outdoor use. Empire Solutions was able to develop a display based on the same panel that is suitable for the same purpose. The screens have since been installed at a large number of petrol stations in Belgium, where the media operator can use a cloud-based CMS to determine which content is displayed at which petrol station. 

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Sekoia Healthcare

Sekoia Healthcare from Denmark developed a digital tool for healthcare providers that helps them organise and carry out daily care for individual residents. The tool saves a great deal of time and paperwork and ensures that every resident gets the attention and care they request and need. The care plan is maintained and implemented optimally. This results in better care, fewer errors, and greater job satisfaction among healthcare professionals.

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“How can we boost our profits from the bar facilities at the Johan Cruijff Arena?”, was the question posed by the stadium’s catering department. For this project, we worked with the software developer Twelve. We involved Twelve, since around 1,100 sports clubs are currently using their fantastic software, which has certainly proved successful. Together, we provided the Johan Cruijff Arena with 384 user-friendly checkout systems. The Twelve software provides direct access to transactions and generates higher margins, since the system is so easy to operate and employees no longer make mistakes. 

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