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Sekoia Healthcare from Denmark developed a digital tool for healthcare providers that helps them organise and carry out daily care for individual residents. The tool saves a great deal of time and paperwork and ensures that every resident gets the attention and care they request and need. The care plan is maintained and implemented optimally. This results in better care, fewer errors, and greater job satisfaction among healthcare professionals.

We developed a 19.5 inch all-in-one computer for Sekoia Healthcare. It comprises a monitor and PC in one, with an appropriate processor, desired resolution, built-in stereo speakers, HD webcam and touchscreen. The Sekoia tool is suitable for use 24/7, has low energy consumption, and has passive cooling that makes the system completely silent. Another great feature is that every resident has a screen in their room.

"Complete healthcare information is available immediately, at the touch of a button."

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We produce wearables for people and animals. The (motion) sensors provide valuable information about health and performance while at rest and moving. The smartwatch is the most widely known wearable, but we make many other devices as well, such as fitness trackers and smart glasses. Our products have also proved valuable in animal husbandry, equestrian and other sports, and medical care.

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