Johan Cruijff ArenA

“How can we boost our profits from the bar facilities at the Johan Cruijff Arena?”, was the question posed by the stadium’s catering department. For this project, we worked with the software developer Twelve. We involved Twelve, since around 1,100 sports clubs are currently using their fantastic software, which has certainly proved successful. Together, we provided the Johan Cruijff Arena with 384 user-friendly checkout systems. The Twelve software provides direct access to transactions and generates higher margins, since the system is so easy to operate and employees no longer make mistakes. 

There are just 15 minutes between the first and second halves of a match, so the hardware needs to be super fast, even when used by someone with greasy or wet fingers, in a humid room where beer spills are a regular occurrence. At football matches and other events, the catering staff serve thousands of customers in a very short time. This means that expectations are high. We were responsible for the hardware, so we developed a cash terminal with a 10.1 inch water-resistant (IP65) touchscreen and drop-resistance technology. We fitted the rugged tablet with an IC card reader. Customers can pay using PIN, cash, straps, coins, mobile or club card. The tablet operates with WiFi, 3G/4G and Bluetooth 4.0, so can be used at any time and in any place. The docking station is at the fixed cash desk. A special clip protects the tablet from theft.

"Smart checkout systems generate bigger profits for the hospitality industry."

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We produce wearables for people and animals. The (motion) sensors provide valuable information about health and performance while at rest and moving. The smartwatch is the most widely known wearable, but we make many other devices as well, such as fitness trackers and smart glasses. Our products have also proved valuable in animal husbandry, equestrian and other sports, and medical care.

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Payment terminals

You want to receive payments for supplied goods and services quickly and without errors. Our custom-made payment hardware ensures the most efficient and effective payment transactions. We are happy to identify the best solution for your business on site. We design and produce payment terminals from handhelds to touchscreens with complete cash drawers, receipt printers and scanners, tailored to your specific operating system. We provide the appropriate chipset, fully integrated software in the image/firmware of the device, NFC modules or RFID technology for contactless payment, and more. 

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