Until recently, TomTom supplied a unique holder for its navigation devices. This active holder was designed to enable customers to integrate a navigation system on the A-pillar of their car. TomTom has now stopped producing these holders. However, demand for the holders remains very high among our customers. Empire Solutions was therefore requested to develop a new charger and holder.

The successful design by Empire Solutions is completely independent from the type of holder produced by TomTom, and is also suitable for use in virtually any make of vehicle. In addition, the Empire Solutions charging system is capable of charging both small navigation devices as well as larger models. The ideal solution for a product no longer available elsewhere. 

"The ideal solution for a product no longer available elsewhere."

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We produce wearables for people and animals. The (motion) sensors provide valuable information about health and performance while at rest and moving. The smartwatch is the most widely known wearable, but we make many other devices as well, such as fitness trackers and smart glasses. Our products have also proved valuable in animal husbandry, equestrian and other sports, and medical care.

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