Our devices spread happiness

We make people happy by consistently providing a fantastic experience. The kind of experience that only a reliable, intuitive and attractive device can provide. These happy people can become your customers. 

Position your service and business operations on the cutting edge with first-class, customised hardware from Empire Solutions. We are ambitious for you.

Empire solutions

What is your goal? What end results would satisfy you? The answers to such questions determine the design, development and production of every electronic device we produce. You are involved throughout the process. 

We challenge both you and ourselves to think outside the box, because our aim is to excel and surprise. We never simply produce a good-looking device that does not quite live up to its promise. There are enough of those on the market already. 

Empire Solutions offers only top-quality solutions. This means quality in terms of knowledge, experience, guidance, products and service.

Customised product development

Do you have a great idea and a business plan, and are now looking for the best hardware solution?

Empire Solutions designs and produces only first-class devices.

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Original equipment manufacturer

Are you looking for a new hardware solution, the ongoing development of an existing product, or a replacement for an outdated product?

Empire Solutions will find the right solution for every need.

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"Complete healthcare information is available immediately, at the touch of a button."
"Smart checkout systems generate bigger profits for the hospitality industry."